What is Healthy Diet

Healthy and nutritious foods are considered as the general medicines of human beings. If people can rely on nutritious healthy food always, then they need not fear about any unhealthy conditions in their life. Unhealthy food deposits impurities in our blood whereas nutritious and healthy food clears blood to a greater extend. An individual’s health foundation starts from his embryonic stage. That is why women are advised to take high grade nutritious food during their pregnancy stages. In addition to healthy food pregnant women should take milk and fruits daily. Milk and fruits are capable to provide essential vitamins and minerals to pregnant women. As far as these pregnant women are concerned folic acid is very important. Folic acid is one among the important vitamins and is an inevitable factor for the development of embryonic nervous system. Since brain is the first part which usually develops in a fetus the presence of folic acid in the blood of pregnant lady ensures well developed brain and nervous system to the respective embryo. Hence, the presence of folic acid in the diet of pregnant women can avoid the birth of mentally retarded children to a greater extend.

Human body needs healthy food for the proper functioning of hormonal and metabolic activities taking place. The scarcity of essential boosters to the above mentioned body functions, makes hormone deficiencies and poor metabolic growth in the body. On account of hormone deficiency and poor metabolism men usually suffer hair falling and infertility. People suffering from hair falling are advised to take egg, milk and fruits to makeup the hormone deficiency. Similarly dry fruits like Dates and Badam are advised for people suffering from infertility in addition to milk and egg. Hence to make people free from various health problems they are advised to take milk and egg in addition regular nutritious food.