Weight Loss: More Than A New Years Resolution

If it were possible to choose a three month period to start a business, make a mint, and then get out, it would be with the diet and exercise industry. Gym memberships quadruple after the first of the year, and diet plans surge in membership as well. Well known diet plans, such as Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, Weigh Down, the Atkins Diet, and many other diet plans help people to change eating patterns, watch calories, watch fat, and clean up their diet.


Unfortunately, while these weight loss systems often work extremely well, the weight doesn’t always stay off. Why is that?

Well, there are a number of reasons the weight comes back on. In many cases, the dieter gets tired of the food on the plan. I, myself, have tried Nutrisystem. I really liked it, and had great success losing weight – 40 pounds worth. The food was really good, and very easy. I didn’t even mind cooking for my family as I ate my Nutrisystem meal. But, I eventually got tired of the food and started eating regular food, and gained the weight back.

I’m also a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. I’ve reached my goal weight – twice! And, with Weight Watchers, I even got to eat more food than I usually did.

I even did Weigh Down, and lost a lot of weight. Then, I encountered faith problems, and gained the weight back.

With each weight loss, I’ve gained everything back. I’ve had gym memberships, walking partners, and even bought a house near a park with a walking track. But the weight is still there.


Why did MY weight come back? In my case, I got depressed. Another time, I had some medical problems – my hormonal balance changed and with it, my weight. The third time I gained all the weight back, I had lost my job and was stressed out. My solution to stress, pain, illness, and any other experience in life is to eat.

Boredom is another problem. People get bored with measuring, weighing, cutting back. They get tired of the same types of food all the time.

The dreaded “plateau” is another stumbling block. It’s easy enough to lose weight, as long as you’re actually LOSING! But hit a 6 week plateau, and you discover just how discouraging it is to try to continue.


People who have lost weight and kept it off seem to have some characteristics in common. For one thing, they’re fairly balanced in their lives. Regardless of physical, financial, or personal circumstances, they have a secure sense of who they are. They recognize the spiritual side that every person has. They also realize that physical strength is important. But most of all, it seems that they know their own importance. It’s not an ego thing, but more of a recognition of their own significance.


To get long term success in weight loss, a number of factors have to come together. Rather than taking on a diet or food plan that is designed to take the weight off, try starting with the end result – a healthier, happier you. You can do this without losing any weight by taking some time every day to focus your thoughts, and remember your goals. Remember that you are an individual, and as such, no one can replace you.

For long term success in weight loss, exercise will be a part of life. Yoga is actually a very good choice, because there are many different levels. It’s kind of hard to do beginning jogging, but beginning Yoga is quite beneficial. It can be geared toward creating a healthier body, and won’t be limited by your bad knee or bulging disc.

The spiritual side of man is often a subject of debate, but even civilizations that deny the existence of a divine being still worship something – in the U.S.S.R. they worshiped the state. Yoga addresses the spiritual state of Man, helping you to get centered. It kind of puts everything in perspective. And, when you have your perspective right, you achieve more balance in your life.

Bootcamp and detox diets may have their places in your life. However, for healthy, sustained weight loss, you need balance and clear perspective. Being thin becomes a part of your self image.