Weight Loss Exercises at Home

Losing weight means eating healthful foods in reasonable amounts and exercising regularly. It really is that simple – and that difficult. Though not all of us have gym memberships, or a treadmill and rowing machine in the basement. The thing is, you can exercise at home without any equipment. Or without any special clothing.

Losing weight really means changing how you live; if your weakness has been eating fast food, you have to lose that habit and replace it with a healthier choice. Maybe by becoming an expert at making delicious veggie wraps. And it means getting more physically active. Read on for some ways that you can exercise at home, bringing your heart rate up and burning off calories.

Do you have stairs in your home?
If you do, you can make walking up and down them a part of your no-equipment workout at home. Try walking up and down the stairs, say, five times a day. You can increase this number gradually, perhaps adding one time a week to your routine until you reach 20. Think of it. Walking up and down your stairs 20 times a day is real way to get cardiovascular exercise and burn off calories.

Push-ups are your friend
The push-up can be seen as a punishing exercise; we’ve all seen the military movies where a soldier is told to “drop and give me 5”. But this is unfair to the push-up; after all, it can strengthen the muscles in our arms and chest. Again, work up to reasonable number of push-ups. It may be your goal to eventually do 20 push-ups a day. You can begin with as few as two, building up the number as you go.

Crunchy crunches
A total body workout should involve working the abdominal muscles; building up the strength of these muscles is crucial to building a strong body. You probably have a comfortable spot on a floor somewhere in your house, make this spot your crunch spot. Remember that you should start off with your regime of crunches by listening to your body; you should not feel physical discomfort during your crunch workout. Bring your upper body toward only as far toward your feet as is comfortable.

Jog to the music
Turn on your favorite music and jog on the spot. Not only is this a top-drawer way to get some cardiovascular exercise, it is a fabulous way to clear your head and take a break from a task.

Dancing is a joyful exercise, a way to express the inner you. And if you are home alone, as they they say, dance like no-one is watching. Get a little crazy. Your mind and body will reap the benefits.

Give your upper arms some attention; having strong arms makes life easier. Whether you want to be able to hold your baby niece for just a little longer or to paint your spare room lime green, strong muscles in your arms will be there for you. And you don’t need a fancy set of weights to do bicep curls, grab a can of soup or a heavy wrench. Start off light with just 5 curls on each side, and work your way up to twenty. You’ll feel stronger in no time.

You can exercise your body without leaving your home or investing in expensive gym equipment for the home. It can be a freeing feeling, knowing that wherever you live, you can exercise and keep your physical self fit. This article gives you a few ideas to get you started; your imagination is, hopefully, sparked.