Types of Acne

Zits, Pimples and Blemishes are usually the worst experience of a victim. These also prove to be a nasty site for the onlooker. Usually all of these look exactly like one another but in reality there are a lot of different species of these. So you should pay attention to the type before getting some cream or other medical solution.

The first are the commonly known blackheads. These have a wider opening than usual. Inside of them are sebum that is an oily secretion and dead skin cells. The black stuff at top is made of the dead skin cells and is the cause for its name.

The second type is the Whiteheads. These are based under the skin. These also contain sebum and dead skin cells but due to a tiny opening these don’t turn black and thus are called Whiteheads.

Third comes the Papules. These are small red and pink bumps on the skin. These contain bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells. Squeezing them out is not a good idea so you should take care of that too. They heal by themselves so playing with them isn’t the best option.

Fourth is the advanced form of the Papules. This in appearance is of red color. The top is of brownish color. These can be treated with a benzyl peroxide cream and cleansers but again don’t try to break them.

The fifth are Nodules. These are painful and solid pimples. These are able to penetrate far into the skin. Popping them is very dangerous because it can cause serious infection. The most advanced stage OD Acne is Cysts. These are painful, deep and pus filled. Cysts while travelling to the surface can damage skin tissues.

So these are all the types of Acne you should know of. So happy skin protecting!