The Dangers of Extreme Dieting

As problems with obesity rates rise around the world dieting is increasing in popularity as people attempt to be healthier and appear as skinny as possible. Many movie and television stars follow extreme diets in an attempt to lose weight fast leading to the general public following their lead on fad or extreme diets. Unfortunately, extreme dieting is fraught with problems; from bad breath to the loss of use of vital organs in the body the dangers of extreme dieting are hard to ignore.

Dieting in a healthy, organized way to lose weight over a prolonged period of time is recommended by most doctors and medical professionals. Pressures placed on people from images seen on the television and in magazines make it hard for some people to feel a full member of society unless they achieve a certain clothing size or weight. Airbrushed images in magazines showing dangerously skinny models have become a controversial news topic because of their effect on the people who view them.

Extreme diets can take many forms in the 21st century, including only allowing you a single type of food each day to placing a lock on the refrigerator each night and keeping it locked until morning. Some of the stranger extreme diets include the egg diet, which allows the dieter nine eggs per day in any form and nothing else to eat.

The egg diet does at least offer some nutrients and vitamins unlike the water soup diet that allows the dieter to drink as much water soup, made from water and salt as they like and nothing else. Starving the body of the required vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates can lead to serious issues with health problems throughout the body.

By failing to give the body what it requires one of the first noticeable effects is the loss of shine and vitality to the extremities of hair, nails and teeth. More severe health issues can include confusion and dizziness from failing to maintain the correct intake level of food and its by-products; a side effect of extreme dieting is problems with the organs including brain tissue shrinkage leading to dementia type symptoms. Extreme dieters have been known to suffer from osteoporosis a disease of the bone structure with symptoms including weak bones that fracture and break easily.

By controlling calorie and portion size dieters can reduce their weight healthy combined with a regular exercise regime. Undertaking an hour’s cardiovascular exercise each day is important in losing weight healthily. Dieticians and nutritionists also provide healthy eating plans that promote weight loss; some recommend a division of 90 per cent fruits and vegetables to 10 per cent meats.