Teen Care

The clothes you wear, the color of your room, the food that you eat, friends you have, where you go are some of the things which have been under your parents control till you attain the teen age. Every kid will be so happy to answer all these questions but not when they reach the teen age. Often they tend to fight a lot with their parents which might not be a good sign to maintain the relationship.

A teen age is the one where one develops his/her own identity. They tend to have and form their opinions. The biological activities begin in their body. They prepare them for the adulthood. Most problems come when your parents try not to adjust with your new behavior. You know that you have become new “YOU”. But your parents still see you as a kid. Teens become angry that parents do not respect their privacy and opinions. Parents feel angry that children do not obey them anymore. They forget the fact that the children are no more children and have transformed into adults. Understanding is the shortest distance between two people.

Understanding each others thought is a long process. It may take several years. The whole new generation is techy very much and the older generation is not able to cope up with the speed. In most cases, parents must sacrifice as it is the children who are going to lead their life. Parents can be mentors but not a strict officer. If parents can behave as good friends to their children while they reach the teen age, there can be many problems avoided.

Parents must teach on how to differentiate between the good and bad. One must not scold if the children choose the wrong way for the first time. Parents must educate them and a friendly relation is the key solution for all such teen problems.