Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoking is perhaps the worst thing you could do to your body. There have been a variety of studies that show that smoking shortens your life by six minutes for every cigarette you smoke. When you think about this in terms of packs a day, you are shortening your life by two hours for every pack of cigarettes you smoke. That is quite a sacrifice to make just for smoking.

Another reason to quit cigarette smoking is that it is expensive. Cigarette prices are always on the rise as more and more sin taxes are added. In states such as New York, one pack of cigarettes can cost more than seven dollars. If you add up all of that money, a pack a day smoker could save more than two thousand dollars a year if he or she quit smoking.

Cigarette smoking individuals are also twice as likely to have heart attacks than non-smokers. They are also five times as likely to die from these heart attacks than those who do not smoke or who quit smoking at a young age.

Cigarette smoking stops circulation in some individuals, and this can lead to stroke. In fact, smokers are five times more likely to suffer strokes than non-smokers. This is especially dangerous if you are taking birth control pills, as the risk for stroke is even greater, especially if you are over the age of thirty.

The most dangerous part of cigarette smoking, however, is what it can do to your lungs. Smoking is leading cause of lung cancer in the world. Though non-smokers can also get lung cancer, smokers greatly increase their chances beyond those of non-smoking individuals. Smokers are also at risk for developing emphysema, an incurable breathing disease.

Though cigarette smoking causes some irreversible damage, there is good news for those who decide to quit smoking. It only takes ten years after you quit smoking before you lungs return to normal. This means that if you quit smoking now, you can have a new lease on life within ten years. In addition, the immediate effects of quitting smoking are even more exciting.