Stop food cravings

If you are trying to lose weight and get healthy then you may be very frustrated with the way that your life is going. You get on a diet, you are ready to succeed and then it seems like food cravings hit you and you are out of commission once again. What can you possibly do to stop this vicious cycle from happening over and over again?

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to remove as many craving triggers from your life as possible. Whenever you remove the triggers you have much less chance of craving those things. You would be surprised at how many triggers you can remove from the areas that you inhabit.

One of the biggest things that you should do to stop food cravings is go through your house and remove all of the problem foods. If you shouldn’t be eating it on your diet then it shouldn’t be there. If you are in the kitchen fixing food and you see a cookie or other offender then you are probably going to start thinking about it, your mouth is going to water and then you will just give in. Many times after you have been fighting a craving for so long you would eat more than just one of whatever it is that you are craving. This will cause you to take in many more calories and to experience guilt later.

It is very important that you get your family or whoever else is in the house on board with what you are doing. If you can’t then make sure that they keep the offending foods in their rooms away from your eyes, ears and nose. You shouldn’t see them with it, you shouldn’t hear them opening it and you shouldn’t be able to smell it either.

Small changes could help you to stop food cravings

Whenever you are starting out you should make small changes. If you just go cold turkey you may experience some serious withdraws. Some people are able to do it and others find it very difficult to make those changes. You just have to determine which of these types of people you are so you can push yourself towards success.

You shouldn’t let yourself experience hunger for long periods of time because if you do you are going to allow yourself to slip out of your diet. You should have good snacks around the house or office. Wherever you are should always have some nuts, trail mix, healthy cereal, jerky, yogurt, cottage cheese or fruit around so that you can grab a bite whenever you are fighting hunger. When you do this you may be taking in a few extra calories but it is much better than splurging later because you were extremely hungry.

Water is also a big helper to stop food cravings. Whenever you are full of plenty of water you will not feel hunger as much. Many times our body confuses the hunger signal with the thirst signal and we eat when we are thirsty so make sure that you keep yourself hydrated.