Sitting at your work can create health problems

If you are one of those white-collar employees who sit continuously for hours and do their jobs, you need to change it. Sitting continuously at a desk can, in the long run, hurt you more than you actually think. Agreed, that sitting gives you a relaxed posture and the ability to work for long hours but it is more of harm if you consider the factors that goes against it.

Sitting at your work

Let us firstly consider what the benefits of sitting at work can be. Obviously, sitting relaxes you and gives you the ability to think if your job is more of mental rather than physical. The benefits stop there. Prolonged sitting at work can actually create health problems for you that you, of all people, might be unaware of. Back problems, lower back problems, neck problems, fatigue, not to mention high blood pressure and high blood sugar are just some of the common problems that may plague you due to prolonged sitting at work.

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You may be working out and going to the gym three – four days a week but that is all offset when you enter your work chamber, take your seat and sit down to work. For hours continuously you would have to sit at a confined space and do your work. Your spine remains in a bent position and slowly but surely health problems develop. One of the most common health problems that occurs is that of Deep Veinous Thrombosis or commonly known as Traveler’s Thrombosis. You are also going to experience decreased levels of fitness, a waistline that is bulging and also heart and lung problems.

Get Up and Work

As I begin the good effects you would have to realize that this is way better in the long run than just sitting at your desk. The human body is designed to stand as the structure and formation of the spine suggests. If you sit, your spine will be bent and that would put extra pressure on the lower parts of the vertebral column. Apart from this let’s check out what other benefits we might get out of standing:

  • First and foremost, standing improves blood circulation. You just do not have to stand but if you walk a little, you will feel the good effects of it
  • Standing gives strength to your hind limbs as you remain in a straight position and all your body weight passes down your legs.
  • As you stand, you tend to spend more energy and thus will burn more calories. Means, you have a good chance of slimming down
  • It prevents contractures, improves range of motion and normalizes respiratory functions
  • Develops and improves the balance of the upper body and strengthens it
  • Prevents formation of osteoporosis
  • Ulcers can be prevented through standing
  • Standing makes one active, alert and mobile
  • Reduces the feeling of being drowsy at work and fatigue from sitting continuously

Is it All That Good?

Of course, not everything can be good. If you stand for too long the blood tends to flow downwards and your legs might feel heavy. You should then attempt to take a walk which would squeeze the blood into your upper parts. Also standing too long might make you more tired. Take a seat for now and often and then start to stand again.

Lastly, do remember that athletes stand and do their work for pretty long hours and they are way fitter than us.

Robert is an expert in power yoga and back pain treatment, however he also writes articles when ever he gets free time, his passion for writing reflects in his articles about power yoga, stand up desk, healthy living etc. As he says, standing desk has been proved to be very beneficial for his own health, thus it inspired him to write articles about it so that people can know more about it.