Protein Sources For Vegetarians

If you’re going about a vegetarian diet plan, one thing that you must be ensuring to consider is that you’re consuming sufficient protein and what are the protein sources.

Vegetarian foods do not normally contain much protein, therefore many vegetarians do not tend to get enough of this nutrient.

Becoming deficient is something that you should make sure doesn’t happen, if your looking to notice the best results from your diet plan. Protein is essential to help prevent lean muscle mass loss, to help you increase the metabolism and that will help you feel satisfied on your fat loss diet program.

Check out the protein sources:

Let’s have a quick peak at the top protein sources that vegetarians ought to be turning to. You are going to be on your way to seeing effective results, so long as you include these into your diet plan.


The first food that is definitely high in protein and should be eaten on a regular basis is quinoa. Quinoa is perfect for anyone on a vegetarian diet since it is a wonderful replacement for brown rice, it is because it contains a complete source of protein. This makes quinoa a good food that can be added into your diet, it could be mixed with dishes like beans, salad and even stir-fry.


Another food that you may want to add to your diet is tofu. It is often a very common food and many do believe that it tastes horrible. Although this is wrong, it can taste very nice if it has been prepared correctly. There are a number of different recipes that contain tofu, trying them all helps you find one you like.


Tempeh is a superb food to add to your diet because of it being high in protein. As well as containing protein it will also help to reduce your cholesterol.

Soy Beans

Soy beans are a good food to be added into your diet, as they can be cooked in several different ways and may help increase your protein intake. These are perfect for vegetarians, although men shouldn’t have too many as they could impact testosterone levels. By only having a few servings weekly, it is possible to boost your overall protein intake.


Nuts are the final recommended food of protein sources that you’re able to add into your vegetarian diet, it is because of the essential nutrients that are found in them. Eating nuts will make sure that your diet receives a large amount of quality protein, together with healthy fats and fiber. As they’re fairly low in carbohydrates, nuts are perfect for your diet.

This was a short review on protein sources