Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Becoming a mother is a dream of every woman, it’s like the motherhood that makes them feel so complete, but at the same time baby weight gain comes with the pregnancy, which is somewhat hard to lose.

At the same time if you just follow some steps, instead of doing panic it might get a little easier, after all there has never been a good alternative of work!

Here is the fact, you have to do exercise in order to lose post pregnancy weight, but you must be cautious, slow and steady in loosing weight after the baby has born.

Light exercise – Exercise can really be helpful in losing the extra fat, however never go for heavy exercises or usual weight training, instead try out light exercises like swimming, walking or yoga etc.

You should also make sure that your body has got enough rest after giving birth to the baby, for an example you should not start doing any kind of exercise within six weeks if it was a vaginal birth, and it should be eight weeks if it was a c section delivery. Also make sure that you are not pushing your self too much, you should opt for making a personal weight lose program which you would be comfortable to stick to.

At first you may find it difficult, but as the time will pass you will be more confident with your self, and then you may opt for doing more exercise, however initially you should limit your exercise time to 30 minutes only.

Yoga – Yoga is really perfect for post pregnancy period, both for losing weight and post partum depression, also you can do it at your home, you can enroll the new mothers of your locality or your friends to do yoga. A big responsibility comes up with the child, and some times women may find it difficult to cope with this changed situation, and become victim of postpartum depression. Yoga has been proven to be effective in treating this.

Kegel exercise is considered to be the wonder exercise for both pre and post pregnancy period, whether you are pregnant or have already given birth, you can do this with so little effort, but the gain will be so much…simply you need to contract your vaginal muscles as if you are trying to stop the urine, and then count to 5, relax slowly.. this exercise is beneficial both for giving birth and sex.

Breastfeeding – Your body actually stores calorie for your baby during the pregnancy period, and for this reason you gain weight during pregnancy, how ever you should breast feed your baby as it would take about 200-400 extra calorie daily to breast feed, and it would be happening naturally , so enjoy your mother hood.

Healthy eating – While you are focusing on doing more exercise, it’s also important to make sure that you are taking healthy, nutritious food, it’s not only important for you but for your baby also as you would be breast feeding your baby on daily basis, never go for weight loss diet instead focus on the nutrition.

Walking – This is the best thing you would be doing for your body, if the weather is fine, put on your shoes and go out for a walk, of course with your baby! You can start this after six to eight weeks after giving birth.

You may crave to get back to your shape so badly, but you should also know that post pregnancy weight gain is natural and also good, therefore you should take it easy and slow, concentrate more on enjoying your motherhood.