Moms Do You Want Firmer Abs

Have you ever expressed exasperation because your abs are not as they used to be? This is a common dilemma for most moms or mothers who have gone through multiple child births. Of course there are those who are blessed with tight abs even after giving birth, but they belong to the minority.

So is there something than can be done to remedy the soft and sagging abdominals? Well, here’s the good news! Health and exercise experts have come up with some suggestions on how to tone and strengthen again the sagging abdominals of women who have gone through pregnancy.

Some Facts to Understand

There are very important truths that should be understood at the onset. It is very important to be realistic about what to expect when working to tone again soft and sagging abdominals. In order to get back in shape and have the kind of abdomen one had before getting pregnant, these two – exercise and diet are very critical. This is fact number one: be sure to commit to doing the exercise required and follow the diet recommended to get the best results. Fact number two: there are abdominal fats that are just too hard to eliminate. This is the reason why some would resort to liposuction and later on tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. But these extreme measures should only be done when exercise and proper diet has been followed.

Start with Good Posture

To improve your posture, do these when standing: align your shoulders over hips, your ears over your shoulders, knees over ankles, and your hips over knees. Imagine how a shirt looks like on a hanger? That’s the perfect posture. Then be sure to keep your weight even on your heels and the balls of your feet. Remember also to draw your navel to your spine. According to health experts, if you begin to be conscious about your posture and you always keep your shoulders back and chest up, the abs pull themselves in.

Think About What You’re Eating

Health and exercise experts have only this to day when it comes to your diet: “eat right, eat less, and then move more”!

Why is this so? The reason is simple. Accordingly, in order to reduce body fat, you have to burn more calories than you take. This is where the challenge lies. For most people, most fat deposits can be found in the abdominals. And here’s another fact: health experts are saying that regardless of the frequency of abdominal exercises one does, as long as she is overweight, there will always be a layer of fat covering the abdominals. So the bottom line is this: eat right, eat less, and exercise more!

Working for a firmer abs is not a tour in the park. It takes diligence and discipline. But as long as one wants to be healthier and trim (and even sexy), anything is achievable. So you may be an overweight mom with fat deposits in your abs, the good news is – there’s a way to be trim and sexy again!