Losing Weight 101: Finding the Right Plan

Experts will tell you that the first step to losing weight is finding the right weight loss plan for yourself. There are two reasons why this is the first step.

First, it involves mental preparation before you commit to the plan which is vital. Second, it helps you think about your body and personality and find a plan that suits both.

The Main Types

There are a couple of plans worth briefly mentioning and looking into as you search for the ideal plan.

    • Weight-watchers: This program is very famous and will help you lose weight if you are willing to make some drastic lifestyle changes. From when you join the program, you are required to keep up with their strict meals, habits and support centers. For some people, this is exactly the kind of outside pressure and motivation they need to lose weight but for others this program is too rigid.
    • Curves: Mainly for women who are trying to regain fitness, Curves was founded in 1995. They provide guidance with weight-loss, help women to strength train and recommend 30 minute work-out sessions. Many women like this because it is not a huge time commitment—it’s doable and you get support from the friends you make there.
    • Private Institutions: As people are becoming more aware of their need for fitness, scores of private institutions that offer special weight-loss plans have sprung up. Whichever diet plan they think will be best put together with the exercise routine is tailored for your needs for no small price.
  • Your own plan: This is the most flexible of the options. You can start shaping your diet and pushing yourself to do exercises that you love to do like swimming or playing tennis. You have the freedom. The people for whom this plan works are extremely busy and self-motivated people.

The Attitudes:

Whichever plan type you choose, there are some vital attitudes that will lead to success:

    • Commitment: Commit and don’t give up. Go the long haul because you may not see results early on but the payoff will be big. You might be tempted to be satisfied with the results that you do see now and not follow through but that way you might end up regaining the weight. Commit to your plan.
    • Fun: Now weight-loss programs are not fun but you need to find one that you enjoy for the most part. I can guarantee that if you don’t enjoy it at all, your chances of sticking it out are practically negligible. For some people a high-protein low-carb diet suits them because it provides a versatile range of food options.
  • Partnership: If you can work-out with a friend or keep each other accountable for the food you each eat—both will end up losing more weight than you each would have alone. Weight-loss is easier when you have someone to push you when you feel down and someone to push when they feel down. You have to help each other stay motivated.

Hopefully now you feel more confident about what you need to do to lose weight. Find a fitness plan, a friend and commit to it together.