Lose Weight with Lemon Tea

At its most simple, Lemon tea is just regular hot tea (usually green tea) with lemon peel or juice added. Some of the main benefits of drinking lemon tea come from its immunity-boosting and hydrating properties.

Lemons themselves are a wonderfully beneficial fruit with many nutrients that assist your bodies in fighting disease and aid is in losing and maintaining weight. Lemons are available all year-round, making them commonly available to everyone. Of course, not everyone wants to just bite into a lemon, therefore, adding the juice or peel to a drink, especially tea, is a great way to reap their medical benefits without your mouth puckering. Some of the factors that contribute to weight loss with lemon tea are the following:

Lemon Tea reduces stress

Lemons (and Green Tea) contain lots of Vitamin C, which has an inhibiting influence on Cortisol production. Cortisol is primarily responsible for weight gain in the belly area, especially in males, and is released in greater amounts when people are stressed. This triggers the desire to eat more. A study from Yale University has found that Coritsol and stress are the main differences in weight gain in women who were otherwise slim. Lemons help to fight this Cortisol production, and reduce the urge to eat because of that.

Lemon Tea enhances fat loss

A chemical known as Cachetins has been shown to enhance fat loss in the abdomen area, and Green Tea is full of the. A study by Purdue University has determined that Vitamin C enhances the absorption of these Cachetins by a factor of three. Of course, lemons are crammed full of Vitamin C! So if weight loss is your goal, try throwing a lemon wedge in your green tea, and watch the pounds melt away.

Lemon Tea reduces bloating

It has been found that water and staying properly hydrated is a vital point in weight loss. The body tends to hold on to excessive sodium, which is quite prevalent in the foods of our modern society. It has also been determined that many people today are chronically dehydrated; simply because they are not drinking enough water (the ADA recommends 9 to 13 cups of water a day). Lemon tea is a flavorful way to get the water that your body needs, as well as enjoying the additional benefits of the reduced sodium in your body.

Lemon Tea helps detoxify the body

One of the main chemicals that assists in detoxifying the liver and kidneys is citric acid, which counter-intuitively neutralizes acid in the GI tract. This might not instantly lead to weight loss, but it will help you feel better in general, and people who are feeling good tend to be more active, which will lead to weight loss all on its own.
Lemon Tea has almost zero calories!

Everyone knows that the less calories in your diet, the more weight you will lose. Tea itself has zero calories, and adding a lemon wedge or some juice will not add very much. When you consider that the average bottle of soda has over 200 calories, you can see that just substituting that with lemon tea improves weight loss just with that!

So drink as much lemon tea as you want! Your body will thank you for it.