Important Facts About Fats

Things To Know About Fats

With a lot emphasis usually positioned on losing weight and shedding body fat, often we totally forget the reality that fats does play some essential roles in the body and is needed for a sound body.

Whilst you definitely don’t wish to be carrying around and excessive level of body fat, if you start to take your body fat too low, that is surely going to cause you to experience several severe problems as well.

Let’s have a quick look at all the different functions on fat in your body so that you can discover much more about this generally hated body tissue.

The Function Of Fats In The Body

Reproductive Function
One of the first things to note about body fat is the fact that women will have higher overall essential levels of body fat compared to males and this is strictly due to the fact that the female body needs to be capable to give birth to a baby.

Fat stores in the body are going to help to maintain better hormonal concentrations that support the development of a baby and will also signal to the body that it has a lot of stored up energy should starvation set in during the pregnancy period.

When women start to take their body fat levels too low, their menstrual cycle will stop and this indicates that they are not able to give birth any longer until it’s brought back upwards again.

Appetite Regulation
Another role that fat plays in the body is to regulate the appetite. The body has strong defence mechanisms that kick in during periods of prolonged undereating that will prompt you to begin eating so that your body weight doesn’t drop down to an unhealthy and unsafe level.

This regulation is brought on by hormones that are produced within the fat cells that will signal to the brain the current level of body fat in the body.

Without body fat tissue, you would feel very little satiety after eating a meal and would instantly become hungry.

This is often why when dieting, the leaner you get after a period of being on that diet, the more you’re going to feel hunger taking place. At this point the body isn’t making as much of these hormones that regulate appetite, therefore the brain is going to prompt you to start eating more.

Another important role that body fats play in the body is that they will help to provide insulin during colder weather so that you don’t freeze to death. This is again why after a period of successful dieting you may notice that you feel quite a bit cooler at any given temperature than you used to – you have less insulin present to keep you warm.

Lastly, the final huge role that body fat takes on in your body is that it assists to safeguard all the vital internal organs as it acts as a safety net. In case you are struck with something in the abdominal cavity and have almost no body fat, there is a much greater chance of injury than if you do have some fat existing.

So as you have seen, while you certainly do not want too much fat as that will cause negative health conditions, some fats is obviously important.