How to treat breast cancer by changing lifestyle.

Realize that the causes of breast cancer are well known and that there is a cure for all cancers. There are many people who know these facts but it’s highly unlikely that it’s the first people you turn to for help with your problem. A hundred years ago breast cancer was a very rare disease. Also the highest rates of breast cancer are in the developed countries with the U.S.A. being the highest, and it’s rare in undeveloped countries, so there has to be a reason for the problem.
The way to cure breast cancer through lifestyle changes are to remove the known causes and use the amazing self-healing powers of the body that we all have. The body will then cure cancer naturally and permanently. Remember, if the body is smart enough to create cancer, then it makes sense that it must be smart enough to cure it.
Breast cancer is caused by the way we live with our high consumption of processed foods, most of which have a high proportion of fat, salt or refined sugar. Also processed foods are all old food and are nutritionally dead. Other causative factors are the consumption of alcohol everyday and the use of hormone therapy.
Our sedentary lifestyle has a big influence on why there is so much breast cancer. The car is mostly responsible for our lack of exercise and then there is the television set, all with remote controls. These days we surround ourselves with labour saving devices, none of which helps us to get the exercise we so badly need. The reason we need exercise is that our immune system needs muscular activity to allow it to function properly.
The chemicals we use on a daily basis also have a big influence on why one get breast cancer and nearly all these chemicals come from the petro-chemical industry. There are hundreds of them and the ones that have been connected to breast cancer are antiperspirants, sunscreens, and hair dyes.
Lastly stress in the form of emotional stress or unforgiving stress is known to bring on all cancers. If you have had a major disruption in your life like a death of a love one, bankruptcy or a bitter divorce seek the help from a guidance councilor.
By changing your lifestyle you are addressing the causes of breast cancer, not just the problem, which is the cancer growth. The reason one gets breast cancer has very little to do with the breasts and a lot to do with the organs in the body that detoxify and they are the kidneys and the liver. That is why the cancer returns with our mainstream treatments.