Facts About HIV

Nostradamus predicted that a dangerous disease will be spread through out the world in the late 20th century and he was proven right. HIV started spreading in the African region and slowly to the entire world. People have a misconception that Aids will be spreaded by having sexual intercourse having illegal relationship. But it is not true. The 2 main ways through which HIV spreads are

  • Having sexual intercourse – vaginal, anal with an infected person.
  • Sharing the needles or syringes with an infected person.

Pregnant women can spread HIV to their babies and in some cases it is also done by breast feeding. Unprotected sexual intercourse means having sex without proper usage of condom. When an injection is shared from a HIV infected person to a normal person, the blood may remain in the needle and can enter the body of a healthy person. A shocking statistics reveal that about 75% of the HIV cases are reported because of having unprotected sexual intercourse. This is because of having no proper awareness. It is always safe to use a condom to avoid HIV infection.

HIV is not contagious. It is not spread by cough and sneezes. One cannot get HIV by having contact with the infected person everyday. HIV cannot remain alive on any clothes, phones or toilet seats. It cannot be spread by the use of same spoons, cups or any other physical objects. The AIDS virus cannot be spread by mosquito bite. Those viruses cannot live in a mosquito. Also one cannot pass on HIV virus by kissing. But having a deep and prolonged French has got the least possibility of transmission of the virus. It is not yet proven scientifically. Biting does not pass on the virus but deep biting like tearing the tissues and entering the blood vessels may have a possible chance.