Exercises For Health

Year’s ago people had to work hard for finding their living means. During that time majority of people’s job was cultivation. The people who had performed office jobs and other governmental jobs were negligible. More over there were no vehicle facilities at that time as if we are experiencing nowadays. Hence people had to walk long distances for reaching their destination. The only vehicle which was common during that period was bicycles. Since walking and bicycle riding were very good body exercises there were no needs of extra exercises for those people who rely on bicycles and walking. Thus even office going people were in good health condition because of their to and fro walking and bicycle riding. But nowadays there are facilities of two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheelers in addition to regular bus services. Hence people have no need to walk even to cover short distances. Thus these advantages minimized the body exertion of people on a large scale. That is how the need of separate physical exercises aroused among people for maintaining good health condition.

Regarding various health exercises nothing is better than simple walking. On e hour walking in the morning and evening is sufficient to ensure proper health condition to people who have no physical exertion during day hours. If open place can be chosen for walking people can breathe fresh air during morning. Morning hours ensure unpolluted air in all respects. Other fitness activities similar to walking are swimming, bicycling and running at minimum speed. All these activities are capable to provide all body movement and hence they are good exercises also. Other body fitness activities are exercises, weight lifting and body building. Since all these activities are to be performed indoors the advantages of fresh cannot be enjoyed for those who prefer body building and weight lifting. But all these activities are very good for keeping good health in all respects.