Easy Ways to shed Calories at Home

Get Slim and stay fit now! Gone are the days where you have to do workouts for those tedious, long hours. Awareness is the key.

All you need is some knowledge as of the amount calories you burn as you are doing your daily chores when you are right at your home. We’ll check out some of them now.

Cooking helps:

While you are at home prepare a scrumptious meal for your loved ones. Spending time dicing, chopping, sautéing and cleaning up your kitchen would help you burn 128 calories right before dinner is served.

Playing with kids:

You can burn a lot of calories if you spend time playing with kids. So, get involved in their activities and games in your home apart from baking cookies for them. Get around with some of them in your neighborhood. It will help you immeasurably. Playing skittles for about 45 minutes would burn 90 kcal, building blocks for an hour would burn 70 kcal, taking out a kid in a buggy for 30 minutes would burn 140 kcal and much more. The more time you spend with them the better you can shed calories.

Cut a rug:

Invite some friends over to your place and dance like crazy for about 30 minutes and you will have fun and burn a huge amount of calories. You can also get some dance video games like MTV’s dance Central, Dance Dance revolution, Zumba Fitness etc. If you do this for about 20 minutes; you are likely to shed 107 calories. You might also end up playing longer as it is fun.

Gardening works:

Are you an exercise phobic? You will soon get over it. It would be wise of you if you won’t delegate this responsibility to someone else as this will help you shed loads of calories. Mowing the lawn would help you burn 300kcal if you do it for 30 minutes, painting your fence would burn 450kcal if you do it for about an hour and a half, 2 hours of piling wood would help you shed 720kcal. Doing this will get your body a lot of exercise and you won’t even realize. So, do it yourself.

Scrub your bath-tub:

Cleaning your bathroom for 25 minutes would help you bid farewell to 107 calories and the soap scum as well. If you turn on some music and do your work it might as well help you do your chore with fun and ease.

Move stuff around:

Spending some time rearranging things in your house will help you burn a good number of calories. You would get a brand new look at the same time.

Drink Water:

Studies have shown that people, who get dehydrated easily, would experience a decline in their metabolism. Being properly hydrated throughout the day would boost metabolic rate by 30%. Everyone knows that having 8 glasses of water a day is vital. So, do it and burn this.

Get creative:

Getting bored watching the same old shows or not finding anything interesting on TV? It’s time to get creative. Shed out those calories by doing some work of art on a canvas or paint your room. You would burn 125 calories if you would do it for about 35 minutes. It is worth those brush strokes.


Do you know that when you spend time reading for more than an hour you lose 100 calories? So, get lost in a book or a magazine. It will also help you keep your brain sharp making it high-functioning and robust.

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