Discover what are the best body sculpting exercises for women!

Many misinterpret body sculpting to body-building. Body sculpting is nothing but toning the specific muscles in the body with different exercises.

One can perform different types of exercises to sculpt a specific body part.

Women are especially interested in toning up their body to regain their lost shape and lose weight to get that much desired stunning structure.

The most common body sculpting exercises for women are as follow:

Strengthen your legs with Lunges:

Lunges can effectively tone the butt and the thighs. You can develop muscles by performing this exercise regularly. Place one foot forward and the other foot in the normal position. Bend the left knee slightly, so that it moves towards the ground. Maintain the right knee in the same position. Apply force on your body and bend till the body appears straight. You should repeat the exercise till the desired number of repetitions.

Use Dumbbell for the back:

This exercise is very effective in toning the arms, chest, shoulder and the lower back. Stand straight. Place both feet apart. Bend your knees slightly. You should hold the dumbbell firmly in your hands. Bend slightly such that the chest touches the thighs. Now, you should squeeze the shoulders and bring the dumbbells close to your body. Maintain your elbows steadily and lower the back to the same place where you started and then repeat.

Push-ups for the upper body:

Many indulge in push-ups that prove beneficial to the abs, chest and the arms. Lower and lift your body weight with the support of your hand and feet. Maintain a straight back to get effective results from the workout. The elbows must be bent and the chest must be low. Pause for a few seconds, squeeze the chest and come back to the same position, where you started. Replicate the same as desired.

Leg raise to tone the abs:

This exercise is very helpful to build the ab muscles. To do this, lie down on the floor. Place your hands below and support your hips. Your feet must be raised and your knees must be bent at 45 degrees angle. Contract the abs. Now slowly raise the hips with control and stability. Hold for few seconds and lower it back to the starting position. The exercise can be repeated as required. Click here to know more on tummy fat.

Dancing – a great strength training routine:

Dance is the most preferred form of exercise routine among women to sculpt their body. One can also enjoy doing their workouts while they indulge in dancing. The dance moves are such that it benefits the legs, thighs and the bums. These are the areas, where women start storing their excess fat and make them look out of proportion.

Since dancing involves the total body, it proves to be very beneficial for the heart as well. The movements of the arms, shoulder, chest and stomach muscles help in toning them effectively. Dance proves to be very effective for the fitness of the complete body and helps in sculpting every area of the body. Also an ab belt like flex belt can help you in muscle strengthening.

Muscle building has several benefits to offer. You can get into a good shape and get a well-defined physique by indulging in effective exercise routines. Clip several inches off your body by performing body sculpting exercises regularly and flaunt yourself with pride.