Different Types of Weight Loss Exercises

Are you tired of following a specific weight loss plan and haven’t seen any changes in your weight? Then, you are at the right place to know all the essential tips on shedding the fat deposits. The most common mistake people do is, they go on strict dieting in the misconception that eating less amount of food aid in losing weight.

Keep all these wrong beliefs aside and concentrate on eating a well balanced diet with regular exercises. Your diet should be rich in proteins and fibers and no or negligible amount of carbohydrates and fats. Exercising is the only way to burn the excess calories from your body and achieve the right weight. Here are some different types of weight loss exercises that help to keep you in right shape.

Need Of Exercises

Excess weight is caused when you consume more amount of calories than required by the body. Our body burn calories throughout the day while we are sleeping, sitting, walking, and talking. The rate at which these calories burn is known as the BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate that varies from person to person. This rate guides us on the amount of calories we need to live. To shed the excess calories from our body, we need a combination of a perfect diet chart along with exercises.

Different Types Of Weight Loss Exercises

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises increase 65 to 80 percent of body’s heart rate. The required energy is given by burning fats and carbohydrates that increase the supply of oxygen. These exercises boost up the body’s metabolism rate, which immediately burns fats. Follow these exercises for minimum 20 minutes daily to show effective results.

You can do these exercises at home or at gym. Treadmills, elliptical trainers, stair climbers, and bicycles are some of the best aerobic exercises that assist in losing weight.

Strength Training

Strength training exercises are done by using weights or other resistance equipments that increase the strength and build up muscles. These exercises burn fats and improves the muscle mass making you lose weight. Weight training exercises burn up the calories faster as compared to other form of exercises. According to researchers, one pound of muscle burns up to nine times of the calories present in a fat. Hence, these exercises are said to boost up the metabolism rate.

Muscles are said to be an active tissue in the body. It takes lot of energy to maintain these muscles. Building up a pound of new muscle in your body burns 60 calories per day. Thus, your weight decreases as you build up the muscles through strength training. You can do these exercises in a gym by using free weight, Nautilus circuits, weight machines, and many more. Choose the one that works for your body in the best way. Follow these exercises under the guidance of a physical expert to avoid any type of injury.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are said to be the most easiest and convenient exercises for all age people. These exercises increase the heart rate that leads to burning more amount of calories. The continuous body motion sheds the fat deposits in a faster pace as compared to the other form of exercises. The increasing demand of oxygen while performing these exercises needs high amount of energy that is provided by burning excess calories. Some of the best cardio exercises are: swimming, brisk walking, jogging, cross-country skiing, and cycling. Opt for a minimum 20 minute cardiovascular exercises 3 times a week and see the difference in your body weight.

Moderate-Intense Form Of Activities

Moderately intense activities are the ones that you do in your day-to-day life. These activities keep you busy in your house work that unintentionally makes you lose weight. Gardening, sweeping, washing utensils, and many other such works help you to lose calories gradually. A 30 minute of these exercises daily is highly beneficial for your body. You can also opt for some activities like playing with your kids, taking up stairs instead of elevators, dancing to the music, and many others as they all help you in staying fit and healthy.

Exercise is equally important as taking a low calorie diet to lose weight. Follow these different types of weight loss exercises and experience a new change in yourself.