Diets that work fast

Hello dear readers. It is time to talk seriously about the correct and effective diets that work fast. Most of us are looking for a quick and effective way to lose weight, likes to read about all kinds of diets.

Some, especially the active, desperately rush into the maelstrom of culinary struggle for beauty and a bright future, having read something like “Lost weight in 15 days 15 kg. I am shocked!”.

Finding of the right and working diet – not a trivial task, it is a big problem. Most of the diets that work fast are “super-tough diets”, which are difficult to observe due to high demands. All of them, one way or another connected with the need to fight hunger.

Hunger is terrible; it is one of the most powerful emotions that can motivate a person to uncontrolled action. You ask, why? Because actually it is – an instinct! A fighting instinct is doomed to defeat. For a while, it can be suppressed at the cost of suffering, both physical and moral, but then inevitably there is a failure.

This is the statement, not requiring proof. Shaken and undermined the health of the psyche – that is the result of a rigid diet.

If weight loss – your goal in the long term, you should not resort to harsh diets. Almost all of them are based on one principle – the loss of fluid. Any weight you lose due to the diets that work fast, recover quickly, as soon as you stop. In addition, no you cannot stop. A man cannot starve for a long time, and neither you nor I are any exception.

In this article, we will discuss the principles of healthy diets that work fast and help you lose weight without the humiliation of the body.

What is the truly working diet?

Before you scroll through the text once in the end, do not be lazy to read everything written below. It is worth it.

It is no secret that being overweight is not recruited because of the amount eaten, but because of its composition. Moreover, it has no effect on satiety. As you already know, the cause of obesity is in the consumption of excess calories, and hunger – a consequence of the empty gastrointestinal tract and lack of nutrients.

Here is a simple example.

Take the two extremes. Imagine a juicy ripe melon of medium size and a sandwich with ham and cheese.

Plain slice loaf, spread with butter, and on top – a slice of ham, cheese and covered it all warmed up in microwave.

Do you imagine? Now let us imagine that you are hungry and in addition, you are thirsty.

Will you overeat with watermelon? Honestly? Just do not say “NO”. I am sure that will be able to eat half the strength of the (much less than one kilogram of pure pulp), then “fall off” in the next few hours just will not want to – to eat or drink.

Difficult to digest cellulose watermelon flesh and fine fibers provide work your stomach for a long time. Moreover, here is a sandwich with ham you eat and certainly not get drunk. Moreover, you just tease yourself and you will want to eat even more.

What we get from eating different foods?

Now calculate what you get from eating so many different products:

Sandwich with ham and cheese – 350 calories and almost nothing but calories. All the products that make up the sandwich, pre-processed. They literally “fly” through your stomach, which is just going to highlight the gastric juice for digestion. The acidity increases.

Because of this, want to eat even more, and thirst, you are not quenched … And that means – reach for the second sandwich, and maybe a third, and still drink Coke … yes? Large cup contains 300 calories.

Moreover, the weight of the total ingested, would be about the same as that of the watermelon flesh, but that the result is different. We assume that, having swallowed three sandwiches, and drank a glass of Coke, you ate … But! Within an hour and a half, you’ll want to eat again.

Watermelon – potassium, iron, magnesium, etc., vitamins B1, C, B2, etc., carotene, pantothenic and folic acid. Despite the high sugar content, watermelon you can eat, even for diabetics, because watermelon sugar is not just empty carbohydrates, and fructose, sucrose and glucose.

All of them are easily broken down and absorbed. Fiber, is neutralizing the excess acid and normalizing the stomach and intestines. Finally – a liquid in sufficient quantity to quench your thirst. In addition, all of this contains 250 calories. In the event that ate 500 grams. Pure pulp (almost half of the pulp medium watermelon).

Here is the dependence of the product from the feeling of satiety. 250 calories versus 1400 plus (three sandwiches and cola). See how simple it may be.

The basic principle of proper diets that work fast

The above example is deliberately simple and primitive, but in this example, it is easy to explain the basic principle of a normal healthy diet.

It is not at all to make you hungry, but quite the contrary – to enable to maintain a sense of fullness as long as possible, but do not saturate yourself for this empty calories.

The longer your body digests food, the longer you are full and the more nutrients from the food gets to where it should be. There is nothing abstruse and difficult to understand.