Diet Myths You Should Know

The most common misguided beliefs or diet myths when dieting is to think we should take in specific food groups as a way to slim down.

All this does indeed is deprive us from the primary minerals and vitamins our body need to operate.

We all want a solid, healthy and fit body and this is only achieved from a well-rounded, well balanced diet program. Here we expel several common diet myths in terms of reducing weight.

Diet Myths:

Myth 1:
We should only eat certain food groups.
Wrong. Many diets, crash diets in particular will advise cutting out particular food groups or only eating food from one food group. Our bodies cannot run on one kind type of food, we need a well-balanced, varied diet in order to stay healthy. We need a bit of fat, a bit of protein, vegetables, plenty of water, some carbohydrates and fibre. Even some of the so-called ‘bad’ foods our body will require some of those, if only in moderation but nothing should be cut out completely. Fruits, grains, nuts and seeds are also essential for a strong immune system which will ward of illness and keep you healthy.

Myth 2:
You can only get protein from meat.
This is not true. Fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, legumes and oils all contain protein. Meat is actually high in fat and sodium, particularly red meats which if eaten excessively is not good for cholesterol levels. While it does contain protein; not as much as originally thought. Grains, oils, legumes and nuts actually contain more. Our body needs about 30 grams of protein a day so as you can see, you do not have to eat nothing but meat to get your daily quota.

Myth 3:
To lose weight, cut out the fat.
Our bodies actually need some fat to function properly; it allows the muscles and joints to work smoothly. What you need to steer clear of are hydrogenated fats, good nutritious health giving fats consist of avocados, olive oil and raw nuts.

One of the last but not least diet myths

Myth 4:
You have to go without to lose weight.
Females generally should not consume any fewer calories than 1,200 a day and males typically should consume at least 1,800 calories each day. Instead of snacking on high fat, high sugar foods, if you literally ate as much vegetables and fruit as you could handle, you wouldn’t only be fulfilled and not hungry but it will have no effect on your weight. The most effective way to shed weight is to consume foods as naturally as possible, with no added sugar or synthetic ingredients and cut out the unneeded fats and just take in what the body demands and no more, you are going to shed unwanted weight, remain healthy and live longer plus bear in mind these diet myths.