Develop Bulging Muscles Through The Four-Minute Cardio Protocol

In this fast-paced world, people rely on gyms to keep them in shape. Unpredictable work schedules, irregular sleep timings and eating junk food have increased lifestyle diseases amongst people.

However, if your work keeps you tied to the desk at erratic schedules, then you are unable to set a routine at the gym. Even dieting does not help if you do not back it up with regular exercises.

In such situations, turning to the four minute cardio protocol can keep you fit and healthy.

Studies suggest:

    • Based on Professor Izumi Tabata’s study, the four-minute cardio protocol pushes you to exert yourself to the maximum in just four minutes
    • According to Tabata’s research, you first do an intense exercise for 20 seconds and then rest 10 seconds
    • You repeat this cycle about eight to nine times for four minutes to burn calories quickly
    • High intensity interval training has no particular format, which makes it easy for you to set your own routine
    • You can do the workouts at your own pace and convenience; at times, that is convenient for you
    • Always make sure that you combine various exercises to form your own combination of fast and slow exercises
  • Just make sure you are regular and you will see your waistline reduce

Try the jumping rope

You can begin by intensively skipping on a jumping rope. Your legs, butt and hands work in motion and are toned with the fast workout. Make sure the length of the jumping rope is long or else you might skip and fall.

Squatting exercises do help

When you squat your buttocks touch the ground and your knees and legs support the body weight. However, no matter how easy the exercise looks, it’s extremely strenuous. It takes time to get set into the squatting mood freely without losing balance. You work your knee muscles and lower body, all in one go. This is a complete exercise package for your lower body.

Jump the boxes to attain maximum benefit

Set a weight bench in the middle of the room. Your exercise will be to jump on the bench with both feet and then jump down. You need to do this continuously for 20 seconds. The weight bench can be at your knee level. If you find that too difficult, you can use the staircase steps to exercise.

Hop over the weight benches

Rest your arms on the weight benches and place your feet on one side. Once your timer starts, you need to jump to the other side. When you do this exercise, ensure that you bend your legs while hopping to the other side. In addition, if you straighten your legs horizontally while jumping, then it will be difficult to hop from one side to the other.

Punching bags

Place a punching bag in the corner of a room, wear boxing gloves and start punching the bag with all your might. You can punch the bag with only one hand or use both hands. You will burn calories and tone your arm muscles.

Sprint on the treadmill

As one of the best cardio exercises, sprinting on the treadmill can make you lose calories effectively. Running on the treadmill for 20 seconds will increase your heart rate and build your muscles.


While doing the four minute exercise, you are free to choose from a lot of exercising options. However, what really does matter is the type of exercise and the way you do it. In the attempt of losing weight and building muscles quickly, don’t end up over stressing your body into exhaustion.