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  • Common Excuses For Being Unhealthy

    Common Excuses For Being Unhealthy

    We all live with excuses of a wide variety every day of our lives. It’s all a part of a rationalization of why we do, or don’t do, something. The power of rationalization can’t be underscored enough and it’s being able to recognizing when we’re doing it that we can begin to take steps not […]

  • A Balanced Diet

    A Balanced Diet

    A balanced diet is one that provides a good intake of energy and nutrients for maintenance of the body and for the good health. A diet can easily support normal body functioning, yet may not be a balanced diet. An ideal human diet contains fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water and fibre all in correct […]

  • Cardiovascular disease

    Cardiovascular disease

    Cardiovascular disease is an extensive term used to describe a range of diseases that affect your heart or blood vessels. The variety of diseases that fall under the umbrella of cardiovascular disease include coronary artery disease, heart attack, heart failure, high blood pressure and stroke. The term “cardiovascular disease” is often used interchangeably with heart […]

  • Cancer


    Causes Cells are the building blocks of living things. Cancer grows out of normal cells in the body. Normal cells multiply when the body needs them, and die when the body doesn’t. Cancer appears to occur when the growth of cells in the body is out of control and cells divide too rapidly. It can […]

  • Staying Healthy in Rural Areas

    Staying Healthy in Rural Areas

    Despite having more open spaces and a greater proximity to the outdoors, the U.S. counties most strongly correlated with negative health indicators, such as obesity, are located in rural areas. On some levels, it’s not too hard to see why: most health care advice is targeted towards an urban population. We’re told to hit the […]

  • Best U.S. Running Cities

    Best U.S. Running Cities

    For people who like to run, one of the best things about traveling is that it offers new places to explore and create routes. At the same time, running is often an easy and time-efficient way to learn a new city. In many parts of the world, adventurous running may require topographical maps, satellite radios, […]

  • Stop Smoking

    Stop Smoking

    Cigarette smoking is perhaps the worst thing you could do to your body. There have been a variety of studies that show that smoking shortens your life by six minutes for every cigarette you smoke. When you think about this in terms of packs a day, you are shortening your life by two hours for […]

  • Effects Of Smoking

    Effects Of Smoking

    As a matter of fact, we all know about the ill-effects of cigarette smoke and tobacco use but a smoker really is helpless in front of this menacing addiction. When he has to, he ‘will’ smoke; the underlying psychology is ‘A fag allows a man’. The ‘Will’ is associated with the short term effects. Let […]

  • Holistic Medicine

    Holistic Medicine

    In a lot of conditions, medical cures and treatments have proven more harmful than the disease itself. In looking for other options, people all over the world have been turning back to the holistic way of health and healing. Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing the WHOLE person, or in holistic terms, […]

  • Symptoms of Chronic Leukemia

    Symptoms of Chronic Leukemia

    Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is one of the four most common types of leukemia and is responsible for 15 to 20 percent of all adult leukemia’s. CML is a deadly cancer of the bone marrow cells that causes white blood cells to increase to more than twelve times their limit, at an uncontrollable rate. Normally, […]