Approved weight loss pills

Aside from arthritis, one of the increasingly major health issues among Americans is obesity. The obesity rate in the US is in fact the highest in the world. There has been a steady increase from 1997 to 2010, in which the rate started from 19.4 percent to 35.7 percent including adults and children.

The study made by the Journal of the American Medical Association states the obesity rate among adult Americans in 2008 was 32.2 percent for men and 35.5 percent for women. This definitely signals an alarming situation in regards to the health of the general public. One of the major contributing factors that led this is the eating behavior of the people influenced by their culture, society, and environment.

It is apparent that US has this cultural habit of eating that became the biggest factor in the obesity of its people. The foods like hamburgers and French fries are relatively easy to make, becoming the major part of the American diet.

With those risks in mind, many people considered weight loss pills as the easiest way to lose their weight and prevent obesity. Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved Belviq manufactured by the Arena Pharmaceuticals. This tablet is an anti-obesity pill which is also the first new prescription drug in this decade. The best thing about this approved weight loss pills is that it doesn’t carry any risks of tumors as confirmed by the FDA.

But you should remember that this particular pill is a prescription drug. Which means, you should see your doctor to get the pill. However, there are non prescription pills and supplements out there that have had a lot of clinical studies as well and they are proven to work. To see the list of the weight loss pills click here.

Based on clinical studies, the said weight loss pills achieved modest results that are enough to help people lose about five percent of their body weight. In spite of this result, the drug is still appearing safe particularly for adults who are obese. The Arena Pharmaceutical’s Belviq is designed to loosen appetite by blocking the signals it makes in the brain.

In this way, the patients will feel fuller with just a smaller amount of food. The FDA has approved that the weight loss pills are recommended for obese adults with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of more or less 30. Those who are overweight adults with a BMI of 27 with at least one other medical condition may also use the anti-obesity drug. However, Belviq is not advisable for pregnant women or if they are nursing a child.

Apart from the health problem that obesity brings, it can also contribute to the economic loss of the country. The direct medical cost of obesity has been as high as $51.64 billion in 1995 and it became over $75 billion in 2003. These costs might still increase if obesity won’t be taken seriously by many, including the government. That is also why many doctors have started urging health regulators to take initiatives in discovering new weight loss pills and other forms of treatment.

As a matter of fact, Patrick O’Neil of the Obesity Society is encouraged by Belviq’s FDA approval. This is primarily because the use of weight loss pills underscores the notion that lifestyle changes alone are not enough to fully treat obesity among Americans. So, the FDA approval for Belviq sounds good news to everyone and it shows how the agency has been taking the health issue seriously.

The Arena Pharmaceutical has definitely set the bar higher in manufacturing anti-obesity pills after safety problems became an issue. The approved weight loss pills however should not be used for more than 12 weeks if the five percent weight loss does not occur. With that, the pharmaceutical company is committed to conduct other six studies after marketing the drug. In addition, the weight loss pills will be launched in 2013 and expect that Arena will continue conducting studies on the drug’s effect on the health of the heart.