Adverse effect of extreme dieting?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals who seem young and healthy choose to wear wigs and trying hair loss replacement remedies? The problem can be linked to their eating norms.

Extreme dieting that denies the body of important vitamins and nutrients is a popular and proven cause of hair loss. Actually, extreme dieting sometimes called fads is the considered to be the leading cause of hair loss. So while you appreciate people who can easily shed off pounds, they might be losing their hair too.

Extreme diets normally concentrate on lessening the level of calories and fat people consume, but do not always consider the importance of a nutrient rich diet. When the body lacks important nutrients, hair shafts become weak, which will later on cause breakage and slowing down or regrowth process. Usually, hair growth is disturbed so that hair follicles that were growing are transformed prematurely to the cycle’s resting phase. This happens specifically when the body lacks zinc, biotin and B12. Hair will not continue its growth unless those nutrients are restored to normal levels through foods. Zinc is high in egg yolks, fish, and wheat. B12 are seen in meat, poultry and eggs. Biotin can be taken from lentils, peas, oats, nuts, and brown rice.

Deficiencies in other vitamins like vitamins A, B6, C, copper, iron, and folic acid can likewise cause loss of hair. It is very important to restore normal levels of these nutrients to maintain a healthy, glowing hair.

If you are wanting to lose some weight, it is advisable to prevent extreme diets that promise quick results and instead choose a healthy eating plan that features foods that will promote general health and well being. Consuming an array of foods in moderate amounts and getting regular, physical activities at least 4 times weekly will help you get the body you like. Your body will be toned up without the unwanted effects of rapid weight loss.

Why is it important to have a balanced diet?

A combined and well balanced diet that consists of foods stated above will avoid nutrition deficiency. And as an additional benefit, these foods are really healthy and contain less fat. The great news about hair loss due to extreme dieting is that it is fully reversible. Hair remedies are simple if you just stick to these steps:

    • Consume balanced, nutrient rich foods.
    • Drink a multivitamin with iron every day. Remember that this is just a compliment and cannot be used as a replacement to your nutrient rich foods.
    • You can allow weight reduction but not more than 2 pounds weekly.
  • If you are having a hard time putting an end to extreme dieting, you may end up suffering from eating disorders. It is important to seek help from professionals. There are plenty of choices to choose from and support groups will be more than willing to help you.

Remember, becoming beautiful and sexy is nothing if you are not perfectly healthy. Do not compromise your health. You can find healthier ways to get what you want.