Addiction Recovery Program

Addiction of alcohol, cigarette, drugs, tea, coffee, cocaine, heroine, pharmaceuticals, methamphetamine or even food is dangerous as it causes serious health issues. When you think of recovering from some addiction you should keep a strong will to get out from the situation. If you’re drug or alcohol addict then it is advisable to join recovery centers. If you want to take consultation from residence then you should join Residential Addiction Recovery Centers. Most rehab centers have various treatment methods and it depends on rehab centers how they go for recovery of your addiction. Basically there are three stages of any Addiction Recovery Program which are known as early recovery, middle recovery, and late recovery.

The stages of recovery are described as below:-

  1. Early Recovery: – In this stage first task is to gain control of all the drugs that alter the mood of a patient. By controlling drugs the brain is allowed to recover from chemical permanent changes that have taken place in patient`s body and help in coming back to normal stage. Some rehabilitation centre also provides Inpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Facility in which patient diagnosed for some particular eating habits and that need to be stopped
  2. Middle recovery: -In this stage person is given motivation to keep away from drugs or whatever addiction he might have. Sympathy, emotion, love and care are vital keys of this stage. Family support is more important at this place.
  3. Late Stage Recovery: In this stage once the strength of patient is gained .Some fundamental issues are raised that why the habit of addiction aroused from childhood which let all addiction .This is important to analyze so that the situation may not repeat.

These fundamental issues can be anything .In case of drug addiction these are generally low self esteem, desertion, broken family and relationships.

When the patient is fully recovered he is suggested the cause of addiction and he is made to realize and accept the reality so that he may not again indulge in any addiction.