A Few Steps To Not Fail At Losing Weight

This is the question that you might have been searching answers for, well you are not the only one, there are many like you just wonder why they failed to lose weight in spite of giving so much of effort, even I also had the same question on my mind until one of my friend finally told me the reasons, not to mention he has been involved with this field for so long. However, I found out that there were really some reasons which I needed to sort out, and after that everything became normal.

Why do you want to lose weight?

Most of us just want to look great by any means, dieting, weight training, exercises all the things we do to lose weight not because we want to stay fit but only because we want to look great. Looking good is great but should not be the sole reason for losing weight. Knowing the effects of being overweight can motivate you a lot in losing weight.

Diet – Most of the people think of diet as a temporary thing, when they are on a diet, they restrict themselves so much that sooner or later their health gets affected, diets often restrict your body from taking so many necessary elements and ultimately this makes you weak. You might have tried them as well… like special soups, boiled veggies, no red meat etc.. and failed like me? After I realized this truth, I moved onto diets that were less strict, allowing me to stick to them for longer time and this actually helped me.

Hype – We all are so familiar with this, ads like ‘lose 30 lbs in just 30 days, or get your money back’ tend to make us believe that we can actually achieve this so easily, and when we don’t get the result up to our expectation then we lose hope and start to believe that this is not going to help us…. things are just not that easy. Fat that you have gained in many years is not going to burn so easily, even expecting this doesn’t seem to be fair, losing weight is a slow and steady process and you have to stick to the weight loss program no matter what happens.

Does it really matter? – This is the main reason why most of us fail, you see losing weight comes naturally but when you do exercise, the good thing you do is toning your muscle. Fitness is what really matters, you might have seen footballers weighing around 250 lbs, but that weight doesn’t restrict them from playing continuously for hours, how do they make this possible? Simply because they are fit! So next time when you do exercise, try to think that you are really doing a great thing for your body and this will give you good result rather than thinking about weight loss only.

All or nothing – It’s not like that! But most of us behave just this way… If I ate an unhealthy lunch, I would go for an unhealthy dinner as well, since I already messed up the whole day… or I will start eating healthy from coming Monday, since this week is already wasted… all these are just going to help you gain more fat, and in most of the cases the ‘coming Monday’ never actually comes and one day you realize that you are fatter than you were.

Keep a record – Unless you keep a record of your daily calorie intake or the time you are doing exercise, it really becomes tough to know whether you are losing or gaining weight, also when you see the improvements it motivates you to put more effort as well.

I think these are the few things that you should take care of and you will have success, not only in losing weight but also to bring the positive approach towards life.