7 Tips to a Successful Cleanse

Cleansing can be challenging. It requires a very motivated, dedicated, and health-conscious type of person to be successful. While you alone must do all the hard work, support from friends and family is also critical to your success. Prepare for the best cleansing results with these seven helpful tips.

Set Goals

Before you start your cleanse, write down three reasons why you are doing the cleanse and what it means to you. Once you’ve written down your goals, place them somewhere where you can look at them daily, like your bedroom mirror or kitchen refrigerator.

Prepare the people in your life

The people closest to you—family, friends, and coworkers—should know how important this cleanse is to you. By preparing the people closest to you, you will allow them to support you throughout the process. When possible, avoid cooking and preparing food for others. And if you must cook, plan to make something that you don’t like or won’t tempt you.

Invite a friend to join you

Even the most motivated people can use a little positive reinforcement now and then. Doing a cleanse with a friend is a great way to keep each accountable. The buddy system also allows you to encourage one another until you reach your goals.

Drink plenty of water

Sometimes our body feels hungry when we are actually thirsty. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself hydrated through your cleanse. The purpose of a cleanse is to rid the body of those nasty impurities but it is your job to flush them out. Drinking plenty of water does exactly that. The average person should try drinking at least eight glasses of water each day.

Five small meals a day

It is very important to space out your meals throughout the day. Eating five small meals rather than three larger meals is much healthier for your metabolism and will also help to curb cravings. Also, it’s important to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the cleanse. Snacking will help support your body’s release of fat.

Keep a food journal

Writing down what you eat, as well as when and where will help you to monitor your food intake daily. Recording your food will also heighten your awareness and transform your relationship with food. If possible, start a week before your cleanse so you can begin to understand your food choices.

Stick to the menu

Cleansing requires a strict diet. For that reason, it is crucial that you stick to the menu. Different phases require different foods for a reason. Do not jump ahead!