5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution

Though some level of air pollution is inevitable, you can protect yourself against it. With a few simple measures such as those listed below, you can keep yourself free and clear of air pollution. These aren’t hard to do and can really go a long way in protecting yourself.

1. Keep an eye on the forecast. In locations that are particularly prone to smog and other pollutants, this becomes a part of the daily weather forecast. If you happen to live in one of these areas where smog is a problem, then keep tuned into the forecast. While you can’t necessarily stay in on these days, you can try to plan your activities around the forecast as you would with the weather. Keep an eye on the days that are potentially high risk for pollution and do whatever you can to avoid being outside and breathing it in.

2. Stay away from smoke, even second hand. A simple guideline to remember—if you smoke, then quit. If you are subject to second hand smoke, then do your best to avoid it. If you are in a smoky environment, even if you aren’t the one doing the actual smoking, this can present a major form of air pollution. Staying away from smoky environments can be very wise for your health, and this is an easy way to avoid air pollution overall.

3. Try to minimize your driving whenever you can. When you drive your car, you are contributing to air pollution. Though it’s not always possible to avoid driving, you can do your part to minimize it as much as possible. You can use another mode of transportation, carpool, condense trips in the car, or even bike to your destination. Whenever possible, do your part by avoiding driving or at least keeping it to a minimum.

4. Don’t exercise or be outside during potentially high pollution days. As you keep tuned into the forecast to know when the potentially polluting days are, stay inside on these days. Though you may enjoy exercising outdoors, avoid the temptation when pollution levels are high. This can ensure your safety and your health when it comes to air pollution.

5. Don’t burn a fire or any other substances. Though many of us enjoy a fire in the fireplace, this contributes to air pollution over time. Do your best to avoid or at least keep the fires to a minimum. Most certainly avoid burning leaves or any other substance as this releases pollutants into the air.

If everybody were to take a vested interest in avoiding air pollution, this effort would go a long way. Air pollution can wreak havoc on your health, so do your best to protect yourself against it. If you avoid potentially polluting situations and do your part to avoid contributing, you will lessen the likelihood of damage down the road.

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