5 Foods To Help You Build Some Serious Muscle

Building muscles is not an easy task; you have to spend hours at the gym and work hard to achieve success. It is very important to eat the right things to make the most of your workout sessions. Here are 5 foods that will help ensure maximum effectiveness whenever you hit the gym.


Everyone knows that proteins are the key to building muscle. As far as protein intake is concerned, eggs are definitely as good as it gets. Most people opt for lean beef as their primary source of protein. However, the protein one gets from eggs is far more beneficial for the human body, especially for those indulging in strenuous physical activities like body building. Besides proteins, eggs are also a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. You may come across a lot of people advising you against eating egg yolks, but that is where all the health benefits of an egg are. Stop with the bland egg-white omelettes and start packing in some whole eggs.


Including fish in this list will probably leave quite a few people scratching their heads. Fish is a good source of protein, but why have fish if you are already consuming whole eggs? The answer lies in the other nutrient that fish is well-known for, namely omega-3 fatty acid. Salmon in particular is a very rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which help regulate muscle growth by ensuring that the protein in the body is used efficiently. If salmon is not to your taste, then tuna does the job almost as well.


Eggs and fish are fine for most people, but what about the vegetarians? What can vegetarians have that is a rich source of protein that will help aid the muscle-building process? For that answer we have to look back in history to the ancient Incas of South America. Quinoa is a gluten-free miracle food that is a rich source of proteins, iron, magnesium, and fibre. Although quinoa has been around forever, it is only recently that health experts have studies its benefits for the human body. It is now possible to find numerous websites that introduce people to the wonders of quinoa and provide recipes for this exotic and nourishing ingredient.


If you were to start listing the health benefits of almonds, you’d probably need a cup of them to keep yourself going. Pound-for-pound, there are very few foods that are such a rich source of protein. More importantly, almonds are choc-a-block full of alpha-tocopherol, a kind of Vitamin E that is easily assimilated by the human body. Alpha-tocopherol acts as a healing agent for your muscles; it reduces post-workout recovery time, thus boosting the muscle’s ability to grow within a short period of time (between workouts). In addition, almonds have also proven to be excellent for cognitive development and who wouldn’t want a smart brain to go with the muscles.

Chocolate Milk

If you think that chocolate milk is just for kids, you are greatly mistaken. Milk is great for a kid’s growing body and is just as important for adults who are trying to build muscles. Just like almonds, chocolate milk helps your body recover faster from a workout. Chocolate milk is rich in all the amino acids the human body requires and unlike meat, there is very little fat.

Working out at the gym will allow you to build muscles, but combining these 5 foods in your diet will ensure that you build muscles a lot more quickly and effectively.